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[Q&A] How to talk to Chat-bot?

When you first visit our Kakao-page, you will see the main page. Please click “채팅하기” to start a conversation with our operator or chat-bot.
After clicking “채팅하기” you will see a list of options. You can click one of the options to know more about our Korean class! If what you want to know is not in the options you can simply ask our chat bot what you want to know. However, if our chat bot’s answer is not satisfying you can click ” 상담원으로 전환하기” (Talking to an operator or a teacher)
When you don’t see a list of options, this means your present status is “talk to an operator” (you will be able to see your status written in the chat box). Click the button shown above to go back and see your list of options and also talk to the chat-bot.

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