[Group Lesson] 뉴스 한국어 독해 교실 (최대 6명) | 4월 수강생 모집중

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강사 정보

Joy Do

Professional teacher
B.A. in Management Information Systems @ Keimyung University
Studying for Master’s degree in Linguistics and Informatics @ Yonsei University



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수강 대상

중급 및 고급 학습자

회당 수업 시간

60 분

강의 시간

매주 월요일 20:30~21:30

2 reviews for [Group Lesson] 뉴스 한국어 독해 교실 (최대 6명) | 4월 수강생 모집중

  1. manlyman

    I recently took Joy’s news in Korean Class and I found it very helpful. There is a lot of homework but if you want to have your Korean advance, and are up for some hard work, this is definitely the class to take. You can learn advanced words and be able to gain motivation by struggling through tough topics in a group of like minded learners. The teacher prepares a ton of ppts and blends the topics so that higher and middle level korean learners can understand the advanced topics that are discussed. Finally, the class incorporates all levels of korean, There is practice speaking, reading, and listening. For the price, this two month class is very affordable and less than most one on one lessons. I think that if you want to improve your korean this class is a must.

  2. Ling530


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