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Joy Do

Professional teacher

현 아이디자인랩 TOPIK 듣기 영역 출제 위원 (2022.07~현재)
현 캐럿글로벌 한국어 강사 (2020.10~현재)
현 아바평생교육원 한국어학 강사 (2021.01~현재)
전 벌리츠 코리아 한국어 강사 (2018.12~2021.12)
전 톡톡아카데미 한국어 강사 (2018.05~2019.05)

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■  사용 언어:  한국어와 영어
■  워크샵 시간: 한국 시간으로 매주 토요일 오전 11시 ~ 낮 12시 (+20분 정도)
■  장소:  ZOOM 미팅 룸 (온라인)
■  교과서: Korean Stories For Language learners / Julie Damron & EunSun You / Turttle books
■  레벨:  초급 이상


워크샵 계획

2022년 1월 22일:  자기 소개, 12쪽(동물의 왕 여우) – Download Handout
2022년 1월 29일:  14쪽~19쪽(밤에게 절을 한 호랑이, 잠꾸러기 아기 곰, 당나귀와 메뚜기) – Download Handout
2022년 2월 5일:  20쪽~25쪽(호랑이와 토끼, 아버지와 그의 두 딸들, 방귀 시합) – Download Handout
2022년 2월 12일: 26쪽~29쪽(해님 달님, 효자 호랑이) – Download Handout
2022년 2월 19일: 30쪽~37쪽(호랑이와 곶감, 삼 년 고개) – Download Handout
2022년 2월 26일: 38쪽~41쪽(혹부리 할아버지, 금덩이를 버린 형제), 워크샵 소감 나누기

2022년 4월 2일: 42쪽(금도끼와 은도끼)
2022년 4월 9일: 46쪽(흥부와 놀부)
2022년 4월 16일: 48쪽(견우와 직녀)
2022년 4월 23일: 52쪽(바보 온달과 평강공주)

미정: 54쪽(소가 된 게으름뱅이)
미정: 58쪽(사람으로 둔갑한 쥐)
미정: 70쪽(우렁이 신부)
미정:  74쪽(선녀와 나무꾼)


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수업 시간


수강 기간

6월(4 Sessions)

6 reviews for [Online Workshop] Reading Korean Folktales | 한국 전래 동화 읽기

  1. Michael Oleary

    Great class!!!

    I took this class last month and found it to be refreshing from the average listen and repeat Korean classes I have taken. This class allows you to study Korean at your own pace where you can do as much or as little as you want. As a working professional, I hate having assigned homework and being treated like a high school student. in this class, you are with like minded goal oriented people studying Korean. If you are a beginner or advanced student you can take the class comfortably because the teacher gives appropriate English tranlation when needed for lower level learners. You are allowed to do all your homework in Korean or English so if you are a beginner don’t worry. The best part of the class is that it is a workshop so everyone is a teacher. You can collaboratively learn Korean with people all over the globe. Also the best part is the Price. The class is only 10 dollars a class which is way better than most online lessons or university classes. If you want to improve your Korean in a fun and friendly environment, this class is great.

    BOO YAH!

  2. dsuh347

    Fantastic class for all! This class starts of with basic Korean stories and gets more challenging as the weeks go by. The stories from the book are traditional folk stories and some are quite silly, but very straightforward. Taking the class with many other students makes the class more enjoyable and makes learning something to look forward to. Everyone can participate as much or as little as they like and even teach others with self created content. Joy is a wonderful talented teacher who explains vocabulary, grammar, and the Korean language in an interactive and joyful way. Totally recommend this class to all from beginners to advanced learners. Thank you Joy!

  3. gina19991112

    문법이나 단어나 다른데서도 배울 수 있겠지만 이렇게 한국동화를 주제로 하는 수업이 별로 없을 것 같고, 초급이지만 다 한국사람들이 아는 이야기라니까 조금이나마 한국문화에 대한 것들을 얻는 것 같아서 좋았어요! (사실 못 봤던 단어도 좀 있긴 해요😅) 그리고 이렇게 여러 나라 사람들이랑 같이 수업하는 거 처음이라 되게 신기했고 신선해요!

  4. Nadia Cortes

    I really enjoyed the class and learned so much! My Korean is very very basic, but teacher Joy was very helpful and kind and worked with both English and Korean in class. It might not be the most interactive workshop, but you will definitely learn both Korean language and culture in class. I love that you never really know the content that you will be learning through the stories, since every student brings different research topics to class.
    Teacher Joy leads the class wonderfully, bringing in important material and information about grammar and culture.
    I recommend this workshop if you really wish to learn Korean seriously.

  5. Jenna Nelson

    I enjoyed taking the class. Joy teacher is always positive and energetic. The assigned book is interesting and features stories for beginners and intermediate learners alike. The class is highly focused on grammar and word construction in order to help learners better make connections between words they know and new, similar words. I would like to see some discussions about the readings or related topics so students can share more personal experiences and get to know each other a bit better. I think this would make the class more social and give students who are less interested in grammar a chance to engage more.

  6. Yeol Seong

    Fue una muy bonita experiencia tomar este taller de lectura.

    A través del taller de lectura pude conocer mucho acerca del coreano, historia y curiosidades de Corea, también me ayudó a mejorar mi nivel de lectura y comprensión en el idioma coreano. Sin duda este taller y la profesora Joy ha sido de gran ayuda para mi estudio de idioma coreano.

    La profesora Joy es muy paciente, amable y divertida. La profesora siempre nos ayuda resolviendo las dudas que surgen mientras se leen los cuentos populares coreanos. Volvería a tomar el curso y se los recomendaría a mis amigos para que estudien junto a mí en las clases que imparte la profesora Joy.

    Estoy muy agradecido con la profesora Joy. ¡Es la mejor!

    Yeol Seong.

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